3. "Continue to share your heart with people even if it has been broken."
    — Amy Poehler, Harvard Speech (via quotethat)

    There’s always someone who can fix a broken heart

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  4. "I am not, and will not be, someone’s second choice."
    — ten-word-story, #69 (via eternalit-y)

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  5. "3AM: the time to miss people who don’t miss you."
    — Ten Word Story #11 - Ming D. Liu (via halluzinogen)

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  6. "Alcohol tasted better than you, anyway."
    6-word story #8

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  7. "Sober or drunk, it’s always you."
    — Unknown (via bl-ossomed)

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    This girl was crying and begging the policeman not to hit her or any of her friends. Then the policeman started crying as well and he said to her: “You just hold on girl.”

    The photo comes from protests happening in Bulgaria right now. Students are protesting poverty and corruption in Bulgaria’s Socialist-backed government, chaining themselves to the doors of Sofia University and clashing with police outside of parliament.

    After the photo was taken it quickly went viral

    this picture is so powerful

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  9. "Is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me."
    — J.K. Rowling (via wordsnquotes)

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  11. whydontyoulovelife:

    absolutely love her

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    How come a girl can wear guys clothes and look cute or wear a suit and look hot, but when a guy wears a dress or a skirt it’s weird?

    because our society thinks it’s degrading to be feminine


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  13. treatsandsuch:

    when you overhear your name in a conversation


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  14. jakesheadwarning:

    Stars spoiling the movie version of old books during interviews.

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  15. sarcarstic:

    We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


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